Ethos & Sustainability

We value

Comfort and adjustability

Our designs are created with comfort and adjustability in mind to allow the wearer to feel confident and unrestricted.


We are an inclusive brand. We embrace women of all shapes and sizes, every woman deserves to feel beautiful.


We source sustainable fabrics, packaging and ethical production methods, which will help reduce harm to our environment.

Zero waste

Each piece is made to order and sewn in-house. We need less waste in this world and this way we act towards preventing over-production.

How are we practicing Sustainability?

Being a new brand, we feel a duty to do our best at being ethically and environmentally conscious.


Every item is made to order and each collection has limited availability. This means that we avoid over-production and increase exclusivity for our customers.


This year we have sourced fabrics and packaging from manufacturers who value sustainability and ethical working conditions.

Our printed fabric uses eco-friendly inks and a water-free process. For the plain sided swimwear fabric we use ECONYL, regenerated nylon. It is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic.


All of our packaging is made of recycled or eco-friendly materials. We do not use single use plastic. Each component is consciously picked out to deliver the best experience for our customers, without compromising our environment. 

A note...

Fast fashion has a consequence on the environment for being so cheap, this makes sustainable resources seem more expensive but we feel it is a price we are willing to pay if it means protecting our environment and making the world a better place. The more we grow as a brand, the better we can be at integrating sustainable practices.